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Why priming is vital for drywall

Why priming is vital for drywall
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Many people are still ignorant about the need for using primer on a drywall, before paint application. A primer helps in levelling the porosity and seals the defects present between the various drywall compounds, toppings and drywall paper, so a strong foundation for finish painting is achieved. The wall primer also gives a solid and uniform sheen for the paint layer.

Considerations in using primer

Why priming is vital for drywallAn improper application of primer can lead to poor adhesion, reduced gloss retention in the finished drywall, poor levelling out of porosities in the drywall and mud, and diminished capacity of laying the touch ups. Cleaning and scrubbing of the wall is also difficult. When you use the services of drywall repair monrovia for your drywall works, you can be assured of a top quality primer application, which will prevent all the above-mentioned defects and give you an appealing finish.

Patched or new drywall

The joint compound applied over seams present between individual sheets of drywall and on fasteners has a different rate of paint absorption than the drywall surrounding it. This results in an inconsistent finish. Spackling and other types of patching materials used also have a different rate of paint absorption. A primer sealer for the drywall that protects the complete drywall surface should be used. This helps in proper adhesion of the top coat. For fine ridges, scuffed paper or pockmarks, a high strength primer sealer is needed.

Stained walls

For stained walls, water based or oil primers can be applied. While oil based primers block the stains like smoke or rust, the primers of water base are used to block stains like grease or ink. These primers emit less odor than the oil primers, and clean up easily too.

Moisture prone surfaces

In parts where the exposure to moisture is more, primer is essential to prevent paint bubbles and peeling. Mildew formation will also be prevented. A primer with vapor barrier prevents moisture from passing into the walls and damaging them. Mildew is first treated with a blend of water and bleach, and a primer of stain blocking type is applied to avoid bleeding of stains.

Economic paint usage

A primer coat also prevents using several paint coats, especially when you change form dark to light color or vice versa. Most of the primers available in StateName can be tinted with the topcoat enhancing their feature of hiding the old color. This can be done only when both the topcoat and primer are of the same type like for instance, oil or latex base.

Combining primer and paint

There are primer products that contain both primer and paint enabling sealing, and covering with one single coat. These are good for finish painting, including textured paint and faux finishes. This coat can be applied first and then over it a final coat can be given for better covering.

Improper application of primer can affect the entire drywall installation or repair job. Primer coat is vital, as all other paint coats depend on how good the primer is. Inferior primers can cause problems in the paint coat. Ensuring that the primers used are compatible with the drywall materials used will give an excellent base and top quality finish of paint coat.

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